Whoever edits the narratives for Animal Planet has a great sense of humor.





Fun fact: if you know your feline body language, you’ll notice that the lynx is deferring to the housecat. As far as these two are concerned, the housecat is the higher-ranking cat.


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I hate it when men make unsolicited comments about a woman’s body. Like “she’s got a nice shape but she needs to tighten up her stomach”

How about you tighten up your lips and never speak again you ignorant shit.

Wow maybe you need to accept constructive criticism jesus christ.

Men telling me (or any other woman) what I need to do for them to find me sexually attractive is not constructive criticism.

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Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill and eat you. People are harder. Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first.

Steve Irwin (1962 - 2006)

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Sleeping Fox. New 35mm print on Society6

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The Approach by MorkelErasmus

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This is Rosie.

A while back, a friend of mine came upon a dead possum at the side of the road. It was a large female. On the ground beside her, were 9 crushed babies.

When he turned her over, there was single live baby in the mother’s pouch. She was so young, her eyes were not yet open.

He gave her to me. I began bottle feeding her. For the first month or so, she lived in a sock. 

Rosie was incredible. Curious, friendly and shockingly intelligent. I’d always been told that marsupials fell far short of the intelligence of placental mammals due to their smaller brains. Rosie made me question that. She had the entire floor plan figured out in a few runs, taught herself to open doors, and learned most things (including house training) in a few tries. She was very friendly, and was well behaved when I took her to school. 

Eventually, I was able to find a more permanent home at a sanctuary, where she lives today. She does well with visitors and I still get emails about her occasionally.  

This makes me miss Shredder. :(

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On this day in 2006, Congress passed the Northern California Coastal Wild Heritage Wilderness Act which designated 42,585 acres of the King Range National Conservation Area as wilderness.

The 60,000-acre King Range NCA encompasses 35 miles of remote coastline known as California’s Lost Coast. The mountains are a mix of Douglas-fir forest, chaparral, and grassland, providing habitat for blacktailed deer, elk, black bear and nearly 300 species of native and migratory birds.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

Photos by Bob Wick, Wilderness Specialist for the BLM’s National Conservation Lands

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back when i was a bee keeper my bees were really gentle and one time i scooped up a handful of them and i got rly emotional and wanted to kiss them and i essentially faceplanted myself into a palm full of bees while crying and that’s an important fact about me

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