After months of training underneath my instructor’s patient hand, I spent yesterday and last night interning as a wilderness survival instructor! I assisted him in coaching a group of seven adults how to properly build safe, effective shelters, how to have successful firelighting techniques in inclement weather conditions, and above all, how to maintain a strong and willing mindset in the face of nature’s adversity.

Today my hands are dirty, stained with birch sap and char, my entire being smells like a campfire, and I pretty much never want to shower again. I’m low on sleep, but so high on Life. Or forest magic. Probably a bit of both.


Female comics are my life

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Big globs of spruce pitch are pushing themselves out of the black spruce trees in my backyard, so I decided to harvest some of them today to infuse and later strain to make oils and salves. Hooray for natural bug repellent and muscle pain reliever!

(for the curious: I’m using this website’s recipe, as her information has worked well for my projects in the past.)

Last night, as I was sleeping,
I dreamt—marvelous error!—
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.
And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures

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Throw me to the wolves and I’ll return leading the pack.

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look if you unironically say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ then either you’ve never faced a real financial struggle or you’ve achieved enlightenment, because goddamn does financial security feel an awful lot like happiness when it’s something you’re not used to

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I really want a science fiction story where aliens come to invade earth and effortlessly wipe out humanity, only to be fought off by the wildlife.

They were expecting military resistance. They weren’t counting on bears.


Canada’s time to shine has come

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For all my followers who are interested in obtaining FREE online literature about wilderness survival (and survival skills in general), Nature Reliance School Director Craig Caudill is offering a free download of his manual through Dan’s Depot. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address, and boom. It’s only 36 pages (in .pdf), so it’s a great guide for beginners, as well as a valuable reference source.

I officially became enrolled in a Wilderness First Responder course this evening.

this means that the next few weeks of my life are going to be dedicated to studying how to safely and efficiently assess and treat medical emergencies in remote wilderness locations with limited equipment. After the coursework and all quizzes have been completed, there will be a 2-day practical scenario in the woods with the instructor and other students. Yay, fake blood and mock emergency scenarios! In nature! Yay!